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Tooth Extractions in Pueblo, CO

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About Tooth Extractions

Saving and preserving natural teeth to support a healthy smile is a common goal we work toward in the field of dentistry. There are some oral conditions, however, that are often best treated by a tooth extraction. When teeth have large cavities, are impacted (trapped in the jaw), or cannot be restored, the ideal way to reestablish a healthy oral environment may be to remove the tooth from the mouth. Patients who are about to begin orthodontic treatment or who have stubborn baby teeth blocking the eruption of adult teeth may also require tooth extractions to better their dental health. At Oral Surgery Specialists of Pueblo, our elite team of oral surgeons routinely provides simple and surgical tooth extractions for patients in nearly every stage of life. Simple extractions are used to remove teeth that are visible in the mouth and elevated easily from the tooth socket. Teeth that are impacted, require incisions in the gums to access, or must be sectioned and removed in smaller pieces need a surgical extraction approach. We take special care to always prioritize the safety and comfort of all patients and offer sedation dentistry services to help make surgical care a stress-free and positive experience. When your loved ones need the expert skill of a specialist, we encourage you to call our Pueblo, CO oral surgery center and speak with a member of our staff.

When Is Removing a Tooth Necessary?

Our surgical team is pleased to offer our advanced expertise and experience to improve the health of your family’s smiles. While leaving problematic teeth in the mouth can threaten other aspects of your oral health, removing a tooth with a simple or surgical extraction can reduce the risk of further complications. At Oral Surgery Specialists of Pueblo, our team routinely extracts teeth suffering from a number of oral conditions. Some of the most common conditions necessitating tooth extractions are:

  • Abscessed (infected) teeth
  • Severe bone loss
  • Advanced periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Expensive wear
  • Fractured tooth root
  • Broken at or near the gumline
  • Impacted teeth
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Inadequate space for eruption
  • Preparation for orthodontic care
  • Retained deciduous (baby) teeth

It is often advised that adults who require the extraction of a functional tooth have the tooth replaced at some point following its removal, such as with a dental implant. Our oral surgeons can help you determine whether an implant may be a good option to replace a tooth following your extraction procedure.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

Simple and surgical tooth extractions are performed in one of our comfortable, modern treatment rooms by a member of our elite oral surgery specialty team. Always placing patient comfort and safety above all else, we will help you determine the sedation and dental anesthesia option ideal for your extraction procedure when you visit our practice for your initial treatment consultation. When the day of your extraction visit arrives, our team will make certain you are comfortable before beginning your simple or surgical extraction. Our team will use advanced, expert-level skills to gently remove your tooth from the jaw while causing as little impact to surrounding teeth, gums, bone, and nerves as possible.

To perform a simple extraction, we may use a special instrument to elevate the tooth from its socket while surgical extractions may require us to make incisions in the gum to reach a tooth impacted within the bone. In some cases, the tooth may be separated into smaller pieces for easier, less invasive removal. Once the tooth is removed, sutures may be placed and the area rinsed. The site may be packed with gauze, depending on the circumstances of your extraction. Our surgeons may also prescribe antibiotics or pain medication, or suggest over-the-counter analgesics, to keep you comfortable as your mouth recovers.

After a Tooth Extraction

After your tooth has been removed and sutures placed, we will provide post-operative care instructions for you to follow in the days to come. It is important that you have an adult drive you home after you are cleared to leave our facility if you received sedation dentistry services for your extraction. As your mouth begins the healing process, a clot will start to form over the tooth socket where your extraction occurred. Preservation of this clot is crucial to your healing. If it becomes dislodged, it may lead to an oral complication knows as "dry socket." You can help prevent this from occurring by not spitting, using a straw, or smoking in the initial days after your extraction. You are also encouraged to consume a diet of soft foods and avoid anything that is hot or cold in temperature (lukewarm is best). Swelling in the jaw can often be minimized with cold compresses applied to the outside of the face. We will schedule a follow-up appointment with our surgical team about a week later to evaluate the healing and recovery of your extraction site.

Does Insurance Cover Tooth Extraction Procedures?

A number of dental insurance plans offer coverage toward a simple or surgical tooth extraction procedure. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your plan’s benefits and learn if sedation dentistry services are included in your policy, we will contact your insurance provider. At Oral Surgery Specialists of Pueblo, we are happy to help you find convenient solutions to cover any out-of-pocket costs for your care. Our practice accepts several methods of payment and can pass along information regarding flexible financing plans with CareCredit®.

Trusted Care for Problem Teeth

Teeth that interfere with a healthy, comfortable smile are often best treated with a simple or surgical tooth extraction. When teeth become severely decayed or infected, or lack the opportunity to support a healthy smile, our experienced Pueblo, CO surgical team is ready to help. Our oral surgery specialists treat patients of all ages and offer sedation dentistry services to make oral surgical care as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If a hopeless or problematic tooth is affecting your family member’s health, we invite you to schedule a treatment consultation at Oral Surgery Specialists of Pueblo.

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