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We are a premier practice that serves Pueblo, CO and the surrounding communities with state-of-the-art oral and maxillofacial care. Our practice is led by a highly trained and experienced team of oral surgeons who are dedicated to providing prompt, unparalleled service to restore your smile and sustain your long-term oral health. We offer select services to meet the diverse need of our patients including dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, and oral pathology. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and relaxing experience so you can get the care you need and deserve.

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At Oral Surgery Specialist of Pueblo, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly qualified and trained to provide optimal patient outcomes. With attention to detail and a dedication to providing the highest level of care, each of our skilled surgeons is proud to serve patients of all ages in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Learn more about our surgeons, or practice, our procedures, and our patients experiences by watching our videos.


"The staff is just wonderful! And dr.Bailey really makes sure you are comfortable! 10/10 experience"



"Dr. Bailey takes his own calls after hours! He is amazing! I absolutely love him."



"Very good at what they do. They were very respectful and did a great job at teeth removal. They give a lot of information regarding what to do after to help give self care and are overall very good. However... They didn't clean some of their tools. I had to clean off the finger heart monitor because it had what I assumed to be blood on the wire by my hand. That scared me because what else did they not clean? 4 stars for that reason."



"My son had nothing but problems with one of his adult teeth since he was 7. First it was a cavity he had it filled then I was I was told that the dentist hadn't gotten all the cavity so they would have to fix it so they filled it again I was told the cavity was pretty deep so he would have sensitivity. He complained about it again I told him it was normal there was going to be some pain because they drilled deep it got to the point where he was crying over it and I knew it was more than tooth sensitivity so I took him back in and they said it was an infection they gave him some antibiotics and told me that would fix the problem. Two weeks later he was crying about it again so I took him back in he had another infection and they told me it was hurting cause the tooth on the bottom was pushing to hard into it so they ground it down and gave him more antibiotics and sent us on our way.6 months later he complained again we took him back in and they said it would be a good idea to do a root canal and refurred is to another dentist in Pueblo. I asked the same dentist why he had so many tooth infections and he told me that food was getting caught up under his tooth I asked him how do you prevent that from happy and he told me that you had to get all your yearly cleaning to prevent that. When we were refurred for a root canal I went to that doctor and I had been thinking what is a root canal going to do for his infections. That's what was causing pain so I talked to the dentist about pulling it and that a root canal was not going to fix his tooth in the long run and he said they don't pull adult teeth it causes issues in the long run. He refused to pull his tooth and sent me to an oral surgeon which is how I ended up at oral surgery specialists of Pueblo. I went in we had a consultation and he said there was no harm in pulling it. They pulled it and when he was done pulling it he informed me it was the right thing to do that the tooth had been dead for years and that I was right a root canal would not have fixed his issues it would have only made it a few years before having to have more tooth work done. He also informed me that his infections were due to them drilling so far down in his tooth that they trapped bacteria against the nerve and that was what was causing the infections. He was great with my son and stopped his 3 years of suffering and prevented another possible 2 years of suffering as well as a lot more money going to the dentist office for them trying to save that tooth thank you guys so much it was really spendy for getting a tooth pulled but thank you guys for being honest and helping him with his troublesome tooth ache."



"Dr. Eric Ringer and his office is one of the most kind and empathetic team I have ever worked with. As a patient with tremendous dental anxiety this is extremely important. Their treatment in the office and follow up show me that they truly care about their patients."




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